Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello Family and Friends!

As most of you know, I have started up a consulting home business called Everything Imagined. I offer a services for weddings, babies, social and corporate events along the lines of custom and personalized invitations, stationery, announcements, gifts, accessories and much more! My service is to help you create memories of life's celebrations. There is always a reason to celebrate joyous occasions!!

Currently, my website is Its a free website from the company that I consult with (Carlson Craft). It is not the most fancy and personalized website, but its a starting point for my business and shows the products that I offer. When Everything Imagined grows as I pray and hope for, I will then upgrade to a better web page.

Attached are my business cards. They come in four different colors. My goal is to receive business via word of mouth from YOU and from my networks in the photography and hospitality industry. Everything Imagined is on facebook, craiglists and actively seeking other ways to put my name out there. I would like to attend smaller bridal/wedding shows down the road. I received the Carlson Craft account in college when I became a member of Association of Bridal consulting. In the past, this was a hobby, doing friends wedding invites, accessories, etc even did a lot for our wedding with Carlson Craft. I started up the home business idea when my "real" job at The Boulders slowed down. God blessed my family with a job elimination and now I am a stay-at- home mom! It has been a wonderful transition and our family is doing really well. Ben and I are very excited for the new adventure this may take us. We are trusting in the Lord that this business will eventually be successful.

Please check out my website, business cards and if you have any questions and/or interested in my services, please contact me anytime!!
Thank you for checking this out!!! :)

Warm Regards,
Genea Kreger
(623) 340-9295

"Celebrate joyous occasions with personalized invitations, announcements,gifts, accessories and much more!"