Monday, May 17, 2010

For the Dads in our life

When I think of Father's Day, I obviously think about my Dad and how he played numerous roles in my life growing up. My dad makes me giggle because he is such a goof ball at heart!
Growing up, I looked up to my dad as a math, financial and athletic mentor! He always taught me the math that I never did understand nor do I today (hehe), the importance of saving and of course the unforgettable play-by-play talks with every basketball game and track meet I ran. We have had always this sports connection with each fact, I think sports is what really made us close. He always encouraged and pushed me to be and do better, he was always so proud of me after every game or race, embraced me with a hug and high-five. He helped me pursue colleges for potential athletic scholarships and once I received a scholarship in track, he was my number 1 fan and traveled to a lot of my meets! I love my dad so much. Now that I am a grown woman with my own family, I have loved my new relationship with him and his new role in my life as G-pa! He is such a loving grandpa towards my son and soon daughter.
Thank you Dad for making such a remarkable difference in my life!

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