Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

I have to admit that I have spent more time on my personal life than I have on my business, hence why I haven't blogged since February! Now that Graduation has almost come and summer is on the horizon, there are lots of things to share! I even forgot to talk about all the wonderful gift ideas for Mother's day, like my amazing collection of stationery's! I'm sure your moms will love what you have bought them! I am excited to give all the moms in my life their gifts!

Mother's Day is a time and a day to reflect on how special your mom truly is to you! We often take our moms for granted...if you are like me and many of my friends, your relationship with your mom is VERY SPECIAL, yet complicated! I saw a humorous Mother's Day card that made me giggle because sometimes I feel like I can relate. The front cover were two women (mother and daughter) and it stated "Frenemy"....friends yet enemies and then inside the card it expressed the love for your Mother. Then I saw another Mother's Day card that I strive daily to be. It expressed what a blessing your mom is with the scripture "When she speaks her words are wise, and kindness is the rule for everything she says" Proverbs 31:26. How beautiful and loving is that?! Inside the card shares how your mom spreads Christ's love with a gentle spirit and generous heart. Now that alone is the meaning of Mother's day! Remembering and acknowledging how awesome your mom is regardless of your season of life with her. God has blessed us with mama's and commands us to love and respect them!

I am giving birth to my first daughter in 5 weeks and I remember when we first found out that we were having a girl, the first thought was, "oh boy" and then the Lord changed my heart and now think "I will have a best friend for life!"
I feel blessed to have a boy and a girl and I know my relationship with both will be different and special.

I love my Mom, Step-mom and Mother in Law all very much! They all have played an important role in my life and has molded me to who I am today. I feel privileged to spend the day with my mom on Mother's day tomorrow and also embrace the identity of motherhood myself!


Coming soon will be Father's Day gift ideas! I will remember to do this, I promise!

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