Thursday, September 10, 2009

Be our guests!

Holiday parties are always a great time to gather friends and family together and reminisce the good ol' days and also to catch up on the year! Some parties you see these people once a year and its a great reunion. Its always fun to hear about what people are in the family are doing, who's getting married, who's pregnant and of course talk about the sweetness of the new babies and children running around! It always seems that the day after Thanksgiving, everyone is on their ladders putting up the lights and taking out all the boxes from storage for the fun holiday decor!

Here are some fun invitations ranging from traditional to whimsical to creative to unique. Some are more formal than others- as every party has its own theme!

Christmas is a special time for fellowship, but also have to take a moment to remember the real reason of Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season and we often get so caught up in the shopping, the cooking and the parties, that we put the true meaning on the back burner.

More Holiday invitations tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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